How can I have the best business card to represent myself and my business?

Business card printing is one of the first stops you should make as a service-oriented entrepreneur when putting up your business. As your network of clients, suppliers, and dealers begin to grow, handing out impressive business cards or calling cards will help create positive impressions about you and your business. This forms the foundation of good and lasting business relationships.

Some people would tell you that creating calling cards reflects your business personality, but what you should know is that it actually helps create your business identity. So think careful about the choice of materials and design for your calling card as it can very well communicate the image you want. It will go a long way in building your business' reputation.

When choosing the design for the calling card, always consider the message you want to send across. Here's a rough guide to help you choose your business cards:

1. Minimalist design is the best choice for businesses as it strips an art into its most basic and necessary elements. Less is more. In the business world, this no nonsense business card design is a practical choice for any streamlined business.

  • • Use lines and typography to create the entirety of the design. The logo and the company name should be placed in a prominent location and should be used as the main highlight of your card.

  • • Use white background instead of a dark one. Full graphic backgrounds with photographic designs tend to be confusing as they interfere with the text. Solid colored backgrounds, however, may offer a high-impact value but may also tend to appear heavy if your color choice or combination is off.

  • • The average person reads from left to right, and from the top line gradually going down to the bottom. Place the most important aspect of your calling card at the top most portion of the card.

  • • Decide whether your brand gives you more anchor rather than placing your name first. If your company name is more prominent, then highlight that than any other.

  • • Sans serif fonts are great styles that are easy to read and contribute to good design. Make sure that the main information are big enough to be read and are legibly written. Fonts less than size 6pt. would not be printed well too.

2. Double-Sided Business Cards For Double Purpose Marketing

  • • When you want your cards to double as a marketing material, print on both sides. One part can hold the important contact information, while the other side is printed with your business service needs. This way, your cards acts as a flyer as well.

  • • If you are in the service industry and your product listings adjust depending on the customers need, you can simply use the back side as a tiny notepad. You can write the most important aspects of your interview with the client, or even give a ball park figure of your pricing estimate.

AAA Color Card Company can provide you with comprehensive solutions to your specific printing needs. Feel free to ask us for product samples, design templates, or specific product dimensions to help you realize your ideal prints.